Social Security Disability Offers Relief When Unemployment Benefits End

The market is flooded with qualified workers and employers can afford to be picky. As a result, workers with minor disabilities are facing increased adversity in their job search, according the Wall Street Journal.

One employee, with minor hearing problems, was unable to find employment after almost a year of searching. Jobs remained elusive even after becoming less selective and considering positions well below her skill set and abilities. With no job on the horizon and unemployment benefits ending, she applied for Social Security Disability Benefits.

This progression from unemployment to social security disability benefits is becoming more common, as confirmed through a recent study by the White House.

Reason for the Study

Almost half of the current 13 million unemployed Americans are unemployed for more than 26 weeks, according to a recent White House study. Unemployment benefits are intended to aid workers in their job search by encouraging the jobless to continue searching and return to work, ultimately stabilizing the economy.

The economy is stabilized by preparing qualified workers to aid job growth as demand increases and by keeping people from unnecessarily joining other, long-term government programs.

Social Security Disability Applications on the Rise

As unemployment benefits expired, social security disability applicants increased, according to the study. Unlike unemployment, this program is generally long-term and participants often remain until able to qualify for retirement benefits.

Unemployment can create a social security claim issue as well. Although technically mutually exclusive, the current economic situation may create a connection.

Social security claims are designed to provide aid for those unable to work because of a disability. In contrast, unemployment benefits support individuals during their search to find work. However, these seemingly opposite situations can overlap. As exemplified in the example above, an employee with a minor disability looking for a job may be unable to find work in this economy because the market is saturated.

As a result, the issue can be shifted from unemployment to a social security disability claim. This is addressed through an amended onset date or potential agreements for repayment with the state. Such issues are complicated, but available. To determine if these possibilities apply to your situation, it is important to contact an experienced social security disability lawyer.