Recovery For Charlotte, Fayetteville And Myrtle Beach Victims Of Drunk Driving Auto Accidents

Automobile accidents are always unfortunate, but when the accident is caused by someone else's irresponsible drinking, it is catastrophic, especially if there is a death involved.

Choosing Daisley Law Offices For Legal Assistance

At Daisley Law Offices, P.C., our attorney has the legal experience needed to help you bring the responsible party to justice and gain compensation for your losses.

After the state prosecutes the driver and levies fines and jail time, we take over with the civil side of the case, obtaining compensation in a civil suit for injured parties.

Our Experience Working With The Insurance Industry

Prior to helping victims in private practice, our leading attorney previously worked on the insurance side of cases. Together with extensive litigation experience, I am confident we can handle your case.

Experienced Representation For All Types Of Injuries

We are equipped at handling the most serious or catastrophic of personal injuries and have represented parties with brain and spinal cord injuries, neck and back injuries, soft tissue injuries and many more.

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