Social Security Disability Overview

Let's start by setting the record straight. Social Security Disability benefit payments are not a government handout. Do not hesitate to explore your eligibility for SSD because of any notions that you might be abusing "the system" or taking undue advantage of "government money." In fact, you are already invested in Social Security, which works much the same way that private insurance does.

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When you are able and working, you pay into Social Security through payroll deductions. If you become disabled, you may begin receiving benefits before retirement.

  • Wage earners pay into the system throughout their careers.
  • People who remain healthy normally begin receiving Social Security payments upon retirement - often at age 62, 65 or 70.
  • Workers who become ill or injured and unable to continue at their jobs for a year or more are likely to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.
  • Any disabling medical condition may qualify you for Social Security Disability if you are able to demonstrate total disability.
  • Most Social Security Disability claims are denied upon initial application.
  • The majority of successful SSD claims are approved at appeals hearings before administrative law judges.
  • Attorney fees for claimants' lawyers are percentages of pay outs as established by law, and apply to retroactive payments only. Future benefit payments belong 100 percent to the claimant.
  • It costs no more to be represented by an experienced, accomplished, local attorney than it does to be represented by a less experienced lawyer or an out-of-town law firm.

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We are well-prepared to advise you and help maximize your chances of success at an administrative hearing after your claim has been denied. Our goal is to help you recover the Social Security Disability benefits that you qualify for.

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