Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If your job requires repetitive motion that has resulted in disability, it may mean that you qualify for workers' compensation benefits. Timing, documentation and persuasion are all part of a successful workers' compensation claim. A claim based on a potentially controversial or deniable ailment such as workers' compensation can be challenging and carry very high stakes. Making a case before insurance claims adjusters is a job for an experienced workers' compensation lawyer.

Repetitive Motion Injury Workers' Comp Claims · Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Does your job put you at greater risk than the general population of developing carpal tunnel syndrome? Did you develop this condition following a traumatic accident or injury on the job? Was it a naturally occurring or pre-existing condition which worsened due to a workplace injury? "Yes" answers to questions such as these may indicate that you qualify for workers' compensation benefits that will cover medical treatment and wage replacement if you are unable to work.

Many occupations require the use of your hands. If you have severe carpal tunnel syndrome, you are already aware of the limitations that your condition puts on your ability to do your job. The older you are, the less feasible it may be to retrain for another job that will use your hands less. You may qualify for Social Security Disability as well as workers' compensation benefits.

The younger you are, the more likely it is that decision makers will insist that you make good faith efforts to retrain for another job. However, with so many jobs incorporating computer use, any diminishment of your ability to use your hands for keyboarding is likely to impact your ability to do most jobs.

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