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February 2017 Archives

Veterans experience long waits for decisions on disability claims

Countless men and women from North Carolina and from every other state in the union have put their lives on the line to serve in the armed forces. Those courageous and selfless individuals have experienced threats to their security and safety so that others may live in freedom, and for their noble efforts many who serve suffer illnesses and injuries as a result of their times of service. Although the federal government provides service members with the means of applying for veterans' benefits and submitting disability claims, many who do so must wait years to find out if their requests for support will be fulfilled.

Fatalities from drunk driving accidents exceed national averages

Drunk driving accidents are a problem in every state in the country. Unfortunately, however, they are a greater problem in North Carolina than in other parts of the nation. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, deaths from drunk driving accidents in North Carolina exceed national averages for the rest of the United States.

Three tractor-trailers involved in truck accident

North Carolina drivers may not always notice semis and other large vehicles on the roads. When their operators are trained to drive them safely and they abide by the rules of the road, semis, 18-wheelers and other large vehicles are simply other automobiles traveling down the roads and freeways. However, when problems occur with large vehicles, the dangerous situations they create can impact the safety of others.

Why an attorney helps for Social Security Disability applications

Social Security Disability is a federal program created to protect American citizens against abject poverty in the face of a serious injury or illness. You have paid into Social Security your entire working life. If you've suffered a serious medical incident or an accident that has left you disabled, you may need outside help.

Truck accidents often have shattering consequences

Many of the goods that Charlotte residents buy at their favorite stores arrive by way of commercial trucks. Once loaded into the freight and cargo holds of large tractor-trailers, semi-trucks and other large vehicles, those goods cross miles of freeway on their routes to restaurants, stores and outlets all throughout the Mid-Atlantic. As they bump along their way the drivers of those trucks bring the goods and their massive vehicles into close contact with the many individuals who must drive their personal vehicles on the roads.

New Year's Eve And Drunk Driving

Lots of people in the Charlotte, North Carolina area like to go out and celebrate New Year's Eve. It's a night to get together with friends and family and celebrate the beginning of a new year. But it can also be a deadly night when people drink too much and decide to drive. Drinking and driving can result in serious car accidents.

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