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Many Social Security disability applications get denied at first

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) is a complex process that can take months, if not longer. You need medical records and properly filled out paperwork. You also need thick skin, as a significant number of people who apply for SSD benefits find their initial application denied rather quickly. This can be a frustrating and disheartening turn of events.

However, you shouldn't let that deter you. Every year, a large number of applicants who technically qualify for disability benefits are initially turned down. This practice may deter some people from pursuing disability benefits, which saves money.

In reality, the social expenses involved in disability cases may well exceed the financial cost of Social Security Disability benefits. Many disability advocates hope for a more streamlined and accessible process for disability benefits. Until that happens, working with an experienced North Carolina Social Security Disability attorney is your best option for connecting with the benefits you need. Your attorney can help ensure that all paperwork is correct and filed in a timely manner. Your lawyer can also help you move through the appeals process that could ultimately result in the benefits you are seeking.

Even those with serious disabilities can be denied

Because the standard is to reject a significant number of initial applicants, even those with severe medial issues may get denied SSD benefits at first. Generally, only those with serious physical or mental health issues will get approved for SSD benefits. Those who review the applications will consider a number of factors, such as whether or not the applicant can receive retraining for new work or if recovery in the future is possible.

Even those who have lost function in their limbs or who have debilitating pain may find their applications initially denied, only to finally get benefits after a protracted appeal. You should be prepared for the potential of an initial denial of benefits.

Individuals applying for disability must also be prepared to have their work and financial history examined very closely. There are limits the value of assets that you can retain while receiving SSD benefits, as well as limits to your overall income. Your application has to include banking information, as well as educational and work history. It can feel very invasive to have every aspect of your life reviewed by an impersonal third party, but doing so can result in receiving benefits that can help you support yourself.

An attorney can help with the application and appeals process

Working with a lawyer can help ensure your application is properly executed. Your attorney can also handle all the paperwork and organization required to appeal an initial denial. When you're applying for Social Security Disability benefits, your best hope for a positive outcome is the result of having an attorney assist with paperwork and advocate for you during hearings.

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