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Who is liable when faulty auto parts cause a collision?

There have been a number of recalls and cases involving faulty vehicle parts in vehicles sold as new by dealerships. The frequency of these news reports might make them feel like an everyday occurrence, but the faulty parts change the lives of those affected by them forever. 

Sometimes, these faulty parts affect the engine. Other times, it's the brakes or the electrical system. Every system and component in a vehicle contributes to the overall safety and performance of the vehicle. If one of the systems or pieces becomes compromised, the vehicle could experience issues that lead to accidents, injuries and even fatalities.

Most recently, Toyota announced a recall of 32,000 Tacoma pickup trucks. The affected vehicles are V-6s from 2016 and 2017. This recall is related to an issue with the engine crankshaft timing rotor.

Essentially, too much anti-corrosion coating may have been applied, causing issues with the sensor. This can cause the vehicle to misfire, stall or run poorly. This sudden issue with performance could lead to serious accidents if not addressed. Toyota owners who believe their vehicle is part of the recall can call their dealership, which will arrange to replace the part for free.

Toyota claims there have been no injuries resulting from the issue.

When parts fail, vehicles fail too

It takes only a second for an improperly made vehicle component to fail. When that happens, your vehicle is suddenly unsafe. If you can't control your vehicle or use all the safety features, accidents could happen.

Sometimes, manufacturers fail to perform adequate checks on pieces before using a particular batch. Other times, they fail to disclose faulty parts to the public in a timely manner. When that happens, the manufacturer may incur liability.

Product liability is a serious issue. You purchase a vehicle believing that it is safe, properly made and ready to perform. When systems in your vehicle fail due to a faulty part, you could incur medical costs, vehicle repair or replacement costs and even lost wages while you recover.

Serious injuries could require surgery or physical therapy which could soon exceed the maximum coverage by your car insurance. You shouldn't have to worry about finances because you unknowingly purchased a faulty product.

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