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Tips for safe summer travel tips

With the Memorial Day holiday seeing more than 36 million Americans taking to the road, along with another estimated 37.5 million that traveled in vehicles during the 4-5 day Fourth of July weekend, summertime travel appears aimed to hit an all-time high.

How today's cellphones can be put to good use after an accident

Most of the time, when considering cellphones and driving a motor vehicle, your best choice is to turn it off on the road. Even phone calls through hands-free headsets can increase your distraction level and risk of a collision. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that roughly 660,000 people use their cellphones while driving on any given day. That's a lot of dangerous, distracted drivers to be watching for on the road. Still, if you commit to never using it while driving, after a serious accident caused by another driver, your cellphone could become your best friend.

Rash of pedestrian accidents plaguing Charlotte area

A recent accident involving a pedestrian left one man struggling for his life in an area hospital after suffering catastrophic injuries. His accident was only the latest of several recent pedestrian accidents that has left many wondering what can be done to prevent these sorts of incidents in the future.

We help victims of distracted drivers recover compensation

A previous post on this blog discussed why it is so important for drivers in the Charlotte area to keep their complete focus on the road when driving. Anything that causes distracted driving, including texting and driving, eating and driving or even talking to a passenger and driving, can result in a serious or even deadly accident.

Why is distracted driving such a dangerous practice?

The world is not a simple place and to navigate the many tasks that a North Carolina resident must accomplish on any given day generally requires them to multitask in order to have a chance at staying on top of their responsibilities. However, there is one time during the day that a person should put everything else to the side and focus on a single task: while driving an automobile.

Whiplash is a common car accident injury

Not all car accidents result in life-threatening injuries. Many North Carolina residents are able to walk away from their crashes with seemingly minor or non-existent physical harm. However, injuries from a car accident can manifest in the days and weeks after a person experiences a crash, and one of the most common types of car accident injuries is whiplash.

Rear-end car crash occurred because of distracted driver

North Carolina residents who are in a car crash can be injured or even killed. The problems faced by those affected by an auto accident can extend from medical costs and the inability to work to a family that has lost a loved one having to come to grips with the financial, personal and emotional aftermath of that reality. What can make these accidents worse is when a distracted driver causes them. Regardless of the reason, one of the most important factors in considering seeking compensation is the evidence that can be accrued by auto accident compensation attorneys.

After the accident: What happens when money runs out?

You're still in shock. If you had just taken a different route, left five minutes earlier, not had the radio on, this would never have happened. You would be fine, your family would be fine and you would be at work--where you belong. This should never have happened.

Number of youngsters in pedestrian-car accidents on the rise

The statistics involving the number of times a car accident involving a juvenile pedestrian or bicycle rider has happened has recently grown so significantly that North Carolina authorities are deeply concerned. Because pedestrians are so vulnerable to injury when they are hit by vehicles, it can lead to long-term damage, significant medical costs, the need for extensive care, and even death. Add in the number of drivers who are functioning as distracted drivers by texting and driving or through some other activity, and it is no wonder the roads have become dangerous for youngsters.

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