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Why trucks are so dangerous on Charlotte's roads

We see trucks on the road every day, but are we really aware of their true dangers? Trucks are much larger and typically heavier than cars, often due to size and cargo, and they have certain limitations on the road that car drivers may take for granted.

What amount of insurance must truckers carry?

When a Charlotte, North Carolina resident gets injured in any type of motor vehicle accident, half the battle can be finding enough funds, through insurance or otherwise, to actually pay the victim the compensation he or she deserves. After all, even if a judge or jury signs a piece of paper saying a truck driver or company owes compensation, that paper is worth nothing unless it can be converted to cash.

Even in a contributory negligence state, we fight to win

As a previous post on this blog explained, North Carolina is what is called a "contributory negligence" state. The bottom line is that, because there is no compensation available when an accident is even partially the fault of an injured person, it can be harder to for injured Charlotte, North Carolina victims to get a financial recovery.

Some warning signs of driver fatigue

Most drivers recognize that driving a vehicle when one is too tired is an unwise and often dangerous thing to do. It is all the more true that a truck driver should only drive when he or she has had enough rest, as a drowsy truck driver can inflict a lot more damage than would a drowsy passenger car driver.

The federal rest rules and truck accident claims

A previous post on this blog discussed how the family of someone who got seriously injured in a Charlotte, North Carolina, truck accident should be aware of the signs of truck driver fatigue at the time of the collision, particularly if the incident happened at night.

Three tractor-trailers involved in truck accident

North Carolina drivers may not always notice semis and other large vehicles on the roads. When their operators are trained to drive them safely and they abide by the rules of the road, semis, 18-wheelers and other large vehicles are simply other automobiles traveling down the roads and freeways. However, when problems occur with large vehicles, the dangerous situations they create can impact the safety of others.

Truck accidents often have shattering consequences

Many of the goods that Charlotte residents buy at their favorite stores arrive by way of commercial trucks. Once loaded into the freight and cargo holds of large tractor-trailers, semi-trucks and other large vehicles, those goods cross miles of freeway on their routes to restaurants, stores and outlets all throughout the Mid-Atlantic. As they bump along their way the drivers of those trucks bring the goods and their massive vehicles into close contact with the many individuals who must drive their personal vehicles on the roads.

3 things to know if you are struck by a semitruck at night

When you drive at night, you are facing some very unique risks. Trucker fatigue is one of the factors that can pose a big problem, especially at night. A fatigued trucker might not be able to control the rig in a safe manner. If you are struck by a semitruck at night and think trucker fatigue might come into the picture, there are some points regarding this type of fatigue that you should know because the root cause might impact what parties may be held accountable and from which you can seek compensation.

What to do if someone you love is hurt in a NC trucking accident

Any vehicular collision carries with it the risk of severe injury or even death, not to mention the possibility of costly damage to the vehicles involved. In cases where one of the vehicles was a semi truck or eighteen-wheeler, the people inside the non-commercial are at substantially increased risk of injury or death.

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